Moment: Fang wieder an zu leben

Der Untertitel von Moment ist „Leg deine iPhone weg und fang wieder an zu leben“ ganz gut gewählt. Moment trackt wie oft ihr wo und wie lang euer iPhone aus der Hosentasche holt und es benutzt.


Absolut gute App um sich mal bewusst zu machen wie das Leben an einem vorbeirauscht wenn man zu oft in die Tasche greift. Der Entwickler hat auch einen kurzen Text zu seinen Beweggründen verfasst:

Hi there,

I wrote Moment for myself. I find myself ignoring my family and friends in favor
of my iPhone. Sometimes that’s okay, like when I’m looking up who starred in
Men In Black with Will Smith on IMDB, but I really should be concentrating on
the present moment and the people I love around me. I’m lucky enough to have
a loving family and stellar friends, I should enjoy them every chance I get.
Facebook, Pinterest, and textingcan wait.

My iPhone has improved my life in a number of ways and I carry it around with
me everywhere I go. Sometimes I use it too much, and my eyes and mind start
to go numb. I pull out my iPhone to combat boredom. Instead, I could be taking
a deep breath and looking at the world around me. In line at my grocery store, I
could easily whip out my email inbox and see what’s going on in my work life.
Or I could take a moment to notice the mood of the woman in front of me. Or
the kid running away from his mom in the candy aisle. Silly kid…

I built Moment to help nudgeme in the right direction by automatically tracking
my daily iPhone use and giving me a warning when I’m on it for too long. When I
first started using Moment, I was spending 75 minutes or more on my phone
every single day. I currently have my daily limit set to 40 minutes, so after 40
minutes on my iPhone for the day, I get an annoying buzzer telling me to look
away from the glowing box in my hands. That’s a good amount of time for me
right now and I’m working on improving that further.

I had a lot of excuses when I first realized my problem. „I need my phone for
work,“ I’d tell myself, „I’m an iOS developer after all.“ I was right: I did need my
phone, but only during work hours. „What if some emergency happens“ or
„what if I get a text“ or „it only takes a second to respond to this SnapChat“ are
all excuses I’ve used to justify bringing my iPhone to bed with me.

Now, I make dowith only 40 minutes on my iPhone, and I basically work on my
iPhone for a living. I don’t need to be constantly checking Twitter, Reddit, and
my RSS feeds after 5pm. And forget about email!

I designed Moment not to encourage you to smash your iPhone with a hammer
and never pick it up again. My goal was to find a balance of connected and
disconnected that was right for me. I hope Moment helps you find that
balance too 🙂

Working on focusing on the moment,
~Kevin Holesh

AppStore: Moment
Moment Website